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My Best friend

Just over 2 months ago I lost my best friend Molly. She was, by far, the best friend I have ever had. There hasn't been a day since that she wasn't missed. Molly was my black lab who had been at my side for 15 years..

Isn't it funny how attached we become to our pets? I knew Molly was very important in my life. But I had no idea how bad my heart would ache once she was gone. It's the little things.. That bump in the night I always assumed was her...The cool wet nose nudging you in the morning...The games of fetch...The treats...Her desire to always be the center of attention...That wiggly little butt just so dang happy to be around you. The little things matter the most.

I still sing to Molly (yes I sang to my dog). I still talk to her in the morning and when I get home from my day. Her doggy bowl is still out and her bed by my chair. I haven't been able to stop by the vet to pick her up. I cried a lot (contrary to popular belief, I am human, and do have feelings). I'm crying right now as I type this. Man these little furry friends are important to our lives.


It's important to move on. I know this and have given this advice more then most. But it is hard to do. I cherish the memories I will always have with Molly. But it is time. Time to move the bowls and the bed. Time to pick Molly up and bring her home to her final resting place. Time to move on. But she will be remembered forever..

The water has always been my place for thought. I didn't realize the power water had for me until i was in my mid-20s. Once I learned I never looked back. It's where I go for peace. Its where I go to think. Most importantly its where I connect with the world.

So much beauty.

So powerful.

I know this summer I will be thinking of Molly. As the first light creeps onto the horizon and moves from that brilliant white to the oranges, pinks and purples that start to emerge.. when the storm is brewing off in the distance with its dark grey and black clouds maybe a bit of lighting flashing in the distance.. That amazing Mille Lacs lake sunset with the deep dark purple mixed with more shades of red, pink, orange, white and blue then you can possibly imagine...Molly will be there. And maybe she can wiggle me up a bite!

When you're out on the water take a second and look around (the fish will not care). We are blessed with amazing scenery everywhere out on the lake. It is very powerful to the mind and soul. Embrace it and it will embrace you. Take it all in and enjoy every second of this beautiful world.

Here on Mille Lacs lake we may think the fish are kings. But remember.. It's the little things that matter most.

Keep your rods bent




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