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Fishing Report 7/20

Weather lately has been a mix of sunny hot and humid days and stormy weather. Must be summer time here on Lake Mille Lacs! Here is a updated fishing report on whats been happening on my boat.


The morning and late light bite has been the ticket. The cooler mornings they seem to build up steam and really get going late morning where as the warm humid still mornings the earlier the better. The bulk of the bigger fish have been hanging around the 8-14 ft depths most of the day while sliding up a bit shallower during peak times. lots of smaller fish around the pencil grass and shallow gravel. They are still spitting up lots of crayfish. Drop shots, spot removers, hair jigs, and weighted senko seem to top the list. Watermelon with red flake was my most used color.


Not much has changed on this report. Still a tad bit early for me to get to involved with the biggest beast that roams the waters we call Lake Mille Lacs. but soon.. from what i have seen and been told the fish seem to be everywhere. Deep weeds being your best bet on a fish, but open water or north end sand being your best bet on a giant. Blades and big cranks. Early morning (pre sunrise) or watch your majors and minor moon phases.


Caught a few. but not as many as we have been while bass fishing weeks previous. Had some pretty aggressive bait chasers again this week. Soon we will be back to fishing walleye - based on the latest current information our walleye season is still set to re-open. Until i hear otherwise, that is my plan. I expect the walleye bite to still be strong and right along the edge of legendary.

Keep your rods bent,


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