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That Moment

Hard to imagine with our cold and snowy weather that spring really is right around the corner. Now is the time for preparation. Everything from boat repairs and electronic upgrades to reel maintenance and tackle preparation. Remember, taking a little time to prep for open water now, will save you lots of headaches when its time to be fishing!

In my world there is always lots to be done. Rod inventory, inspection, and ordering. Every rod gets a category - Keep - broken and replace - repair - sell and upgrade. Reels all go in for a cleaning and lube. I like to take mine in and have the professionals work on them. Some will be sold and replaced while others are spooled ready for action. Then there are the hours spent with the tackle.. New and old, all have there places. All the work done with a smile and the thought about that one moment.

That moment. Every May I have that moment. Usually shortly after opener here on Mille Lacs Lake there will be a evening. The water will be still and the fish will be biting. Typically my boat is all alone although usually other fishermen are aboard my boat. All of the sudden it hits me, happens every year, and I look around and take in all around me... I have my moment. I take all the beauty and action in slow motion. All is right with the world. This is my time. Its fishing season!

Keep your rods bent!

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