Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lake Mille Lacs

Matt Treno

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Possibly the best smallmouth fishery the world has ever seen! Yes, Mille Lacs lake is that good! We are truly blessed with not only the size (so many fish over the 20 inch mark pushing themselves into the 6lb + category) but also the numbers. Mille Lacs lake truly is loaded with bass. Mille Lacs lake's endless rocky shorelines, shallow bays, and mid lake rock reef systems means Mille Lacs lake offers tremendous southmouth bass opportunities all season long. Call now to book your trip of a lifetime



With so many options and opportunities for smallies on mille lacs one can easily get overwhelmed. Hiring Matt Treno will help cut down the learning curve for the experienced bass angler.


Not an expert bass fishermen? Matt Treno has all the gear and experience needed to get you that day of legendary bass angling (and trophy photo shoot) you have always dreamed of. Matt is a born and raised walleye fishermen who has developed a strong passion for these brown beast of mille lacs lake. Teaching and passing on his knowledge is Matt Treno's favorite things so questions all day are encouraged!


Because there are so many ways to catch a trophy smallie on mille lacs lake this makes for a great choice for kids. The action is fast and the fish are big which is a perfect combination for the young anglers of the world.


All smallmouth bass caught while fishing with Matt Treno are released. Matt is a strong supporter of catch photo and release (CPR) on Mille Lacs lake. Matt has referrals for quality replica fish mounts made to the dimensions of your fish. Matt has also hooked up with the catch photo and release picture place for other trophy memento opertunities.

Smallmouth Bass Trips

Half Day - $325 (4-5 Hours)

Full Day - $500 (8-9 Hours)


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