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Our spring may have been late this year, but it seemingly is here to stay finally! Turkeys and coyotes are very active. Have you ever heard coyotes yipping and calling this time a year? If you’ve never heard it before it can be a very creepy sound. Sounds sort of like a pack of angry babies fighting with a smaller group of dogs aggravating the situation. Turkeys are surprising loud, and their mating calls travel quite well. Almost like they enjoy to mate… Deer are in almost every field feeding and I even have seen a couple bears. Between that chaos and all our song birds being back the woods are certainly active and alive once again. I for one, was starting to think maybe we had entered some sort of ice age and maybe year-round winter was the new norm. Thankfully, I was wrong! A few short weeks and fishing will be in full swing. Now if we can just get that ice to go away on the Mille Lacs lake all will be right in my world again. Until then, enjoy the rest that a Minnesota spring can offer.

Keep your rods bent!

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