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Fishing Report 6/22/17


The walleye bite is simply amazing... It just does not get any better then this... Anywhere... Anytime... You just need to come take part in this action! Yeah I know you cant keep any fish, but really? There is no better fishing anywhere right now, you're gonna miss out on this action because you cant keep anything? You're missing out. Anywhere you want to go using pretty much any tactic.. Yep its that good! More fish on the deeper gravel and mud then up shallow. Best bite (yeah like it matters) at first light or last light. Enjoy it this is as good as walleye fishing gets, anywhere, anytime! If strictly targeting walleye stay deep or fish wind blown rocks. Leaches or crawlers working best for live bait. 4 mile, 5 mile, july bar, shermans, 8 mile, garrison reef..


The small mouth bass bite just continues to improve. For the most fish your gonna want to be on the off shore rocks in the 6-12 foot range. Top water baits on the calm days are killer. Or swimbaits and tubes are still very effective. These fish are just starting to put weight back on. Give them a little time and the weights will catch back up with the lengths. Lots of fish spitting up crayfish the last couple days to give you an idea what there feeding on. Not as many numbers of walleyes while bass fishing this week but still got some hog walleye while bass fishing.


Deep weeds or open water has produced the most fish. We are in the grind of the year for muskies right now. Long days with lots of casts working those deep weed edges will produce fish. Or crank the tunes and go for a troll! They are there, just really spread out right now. Work fast and cover lots of water then go back to where you moved fish during low light or major moon phases.

Keep your rods bent,


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