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Spring Preparation

Spring is a time of great preparation for fishermen. The snow is melting (or already gone), songbirds are returning, ice is slowly retreating off the lakes and the rivers are open. This is an important time of year for both the serious and hobbyists fishermen to get things started on the track for a great season.

Fishing tackle mess spring cleaning

We all have fancy new gear we are excited to play with. But what about last years gear? Was your tackle neatly placed away at the end of last season? Now is the time to sort through all those tackle boxes. Untangle all those hooks. Label each box so at a glace you know what you're grabbing. Take time now to check your fishing reels. Make sure each reel functions properly and is ready to fish - if not better to be send them in for repair or purchase now rather then the week before fishing opener. Take a q-tip and run it through each eyelet on you fishing rods.. any eyelet in need of repair will grab some of the cotton on the q-tip. Check your handle and make sure reels seats function as they should. Fix these issues now versus using your hard earned fishing time. Addressing these issues now saves time for fishing later. And this time of year its fun! Whereas out on the boat opening weekend it's a problem.

Mille Lacs walleye/bass season will be here before you know it! I, for one, cannot wait! But rather then sitting on the couch thinking about fishing...prepare now! Of course testing out some new gear is always fun but that's the topic of my next blog. Keep your rods bent Matt Treno


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