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Spring Fishing

Matt with spring Paddlefish

Spring time offers so many fishing opportunities. The avid angler has no need to wait for "fishing season" depending on the species or possibly a little windshield time. Yeah yeah we all know certain species are open year round but what about the walleyes? How about muskies? It may come as a surprise to some both that options are available but are relatively close.

The spring walleye run on both the rainy river and Mississippi rivers offer spectacular fishing opportunities! Just enjoying the scenery is worth the trip! Some of the biggest hogs of the season are pulled during these springs months. nothing better then some preseason rod bending. and as always with a river system, you just never know what you may catch (photo of a giant paddle fish i caught a few years ago). Pool 4 and the upper lake Pepin area being my personal pick. Let me know i would love to share more about this river treasure..

Muskie you say??? Yep sure why not! Just a few miles south of the Minnesota boarder are muskie dreams become a reality!! Yep you got it... Not only are there muskies in the Iowa great lakes region, but they are big, and plenty of them! Clear lake is my pick here and with a easy drive down hwy 35 its easily done as a day trip (although why not spend the night and fish twice as much). The early season musky bite is certainly entertaining and always fun to dust the musky rods off a bit early.. multiple fish days are pretty common so make sure to grab your camera!

Lets not forget about Mille Lacs. spring crappies anyone? Yep you guessed it just like everything in Mille Lacs lake the crappies are giants! Not just in length but the shoulders these fish carry are well, enormous! Leave your 5 ft ultra light rod at home cause these bad boys need some backbone! The sucker run is always good for some fun and don't forget about the bow fishing opportunities..

Yep its spring! And yes there is plenty of work to be done. But its way more fun to go fishing instead..

Keep your rods bent

Matt Treno


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