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Week 1 fishing report

May 18, 2017

Mille Lacs lake did not disappoint on opener this year. We all new it was going to be fantastic.. But it exceeded even my extremely high expectations! Our weather has turned for the worse this week but the following reports our what has been working in my boat since Saturday.




The walleyes are absolutely on fire! Possibly the best walleye bite Mille Lacs has seen in decades.. Mornings are good but evenings are better. Fish can be caught all day long. I haven't found a walleye tactic that hasn't worked yet (yes the fishing is that good). But my best bites have been riggin a large leech on a chartreuse or red plain hook or bobber fishing with a glow or black jig and a small leech. Leave the jumbo leeches at the bait store and pickup mediums or larges. The north end has been on fire but fishing is good everywhere. I have been concentrating my efforts in the 16-20 foot ranges. Don't overlook the weeds either. A swimbait like the 360 GT or a Rippin Rap will pull hawgs out of the weeds and have been producing nicely as well. Big Point, Indian Point, Hawkbill, Red Door and Malmo area. The fish are hungry and the best thing we can do for them now is go out and feed them one at a time! 





Also on fire! Maybe not quite as good as the walleye bite but certainly a close 2nd. Finesse has been the key the last couple days out in my boat. Mushroom head jig with a sinko threaded on. Or sinko rigged wacky. I also have done well on xraps worked with really long pauses. The 4-8 foot depths have been best for me although we have caught a lot of fish up super shallow and around the docks. I haven't seen much for bedding fish yet but i think we are really close. They're up there cruising anyway.. with are goofy weather this week they are holding tight to cover and need just a bit extra finesse to bite. Set the hook and hold on!



                                      Keep your rods bent,                                          





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